Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q- Do you need shaving cream for this and how do you clean this?

A- No, cream is not required, but since it is water proof, you can use it if you wish. To clean, the top of it pops open allowing the user to rinse or brush it clean. 

Q-Will this work while it is plugged in?

A-Yes, it can work while it is plugged in. 

Q-Does it run off batteries or can you charge it ?

A-You can charge it. It comes with the cord.

Q-Will pre shave oil mess up the blades?

A-No but unless you have like super sensitive skin you don't need any shave creams or oils I've never used anything I've been electric shaving for at least 15 years if it pulls on your hair use the beard trimmer go over the spot your gonna shave than hit it with the shaver or if you jus wanna use the oil or shave cream they are water proof use it rinse em when done you will be all good.

Q-Is it actually waterproof? Can it be used in the shower??

The instructions and package don't say anything it being water proof only the ad here does.

A-It is IPX7 waterproof for whole body. Gives good shave in the shower, and will gain better effect if with gel or foam.It can be washed and cleaned directly under the water. Easy to use. 

Warranty Info

Q-How long does the product provide warranty?

A-This product provide 15-month worry-free warranty.

Q-How do I contact the company as my wife accidentally threw out the box and it had the instructions, the cleaning brush and bag still inside.

A-Hello, you can contact the seller through mail '', or you can mail the seller through amazon message. Will get satisfied solution. 

Product Apartment Replacement

Q-How long does the blades last before replacing?

A-It recommends to replace the blades once every 12 months for better shaving performance.

Q-How do I contact the company to order replacement blades for this shaver?

A-We provide blades for shaver on amazon and our official store. 


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