SweetLF laptop computer stand PC foldable angle and height adjustable aluminum excellent stability

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Product description

Why use this stand
  • Laptops have a low display position, they look like they are facing forward accordingly, and their posture tends to be stooped. If this posture lasts for a long time, it will also cause stiff shoulder stiffness and eye fatigue. It is this laptop stand that is convenient at that time.

Angle and height adjustable
  • Based on ergonomics, the notebook computer stand can be rotated 360 degrees in a folding style, and the height of the display can be controlled freely, so that fatigue due to posture worsening can be reduced.

Excellent stability 
  • Since the silicone pad for anti-slip is provided on the PC installation surface and the pedestal base, the laptop computer is difficult to fall down.
  • For the prevention of falling, the part supporting the personal computer in front is firmly fixed. With double protection, we will protect your precious laptop computer securely.

Aluminum alloy effective for cooling
  • Because the material is aluminum, it also has a cooling effect that absorbs heat from the bottom of the notebook computer.
Stylish & easy to operate
  • Laptop stand with a beautiful appearance with sandblasting on the body surface.
  • It can be operated easily by hand, there is no need to fix with screws.

Wide adaptability
  • It can be used for various devices, such as laptop computers, tablets, Macbook, iPad, mobile phones (iphone, sumsung, huawei etc) up to 13 inches. You can put magazines etc as a bookstore. 2

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